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The Art of the production and sale old italian extra virgin olive oil in Puglia

Our oil olive press since 1963, is engaged in production and sale of puglia extra virgin olive oil directly “from producer to consumer“, the oil production occurs in southern Puglia in particular in the area of northern Salento, thus obtaining an Italian oil of origin guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.
The experience in the operations of the olive harvest and pressing in the oil mill business, passed down for generations, allow us to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil: The Gold of the Salento, the unique sensations, unaltered and absolutely unmistakable.

The lifestyle that is the extra virgin olive oil in Salento

Our handmade olive oil is not available in traditional commerce, much less is available in the main distribution for the sale of high-quality product we turn directly to a consumer demanding and attentive to the quality of life he has chosen as a rule, in addition to pleasure, quality and authenticity of the product, Healthy prevention and wellness.

Oils Company Schirinzi, of which oil and oil SAINT LUCIA ® and BOSCHINO ® have achieved Quality Awards and Mentions on oil to the Gold Contests of Italy, Puglia Gold and Gold of Salento, whose last in 2013. There are also reviews of extra virgin olive oil Schirinzi published by our most loyal customers visitors and buyers online portal for travelers the world’s largest TripAdvisor.

In addition to extra virgin olive oil, typical local products

In addition extra virgin olive oil, very successful is the production of Mediterranean condiments, such as flavored oils, pickled olives, olive cream, seasonings and Typical products Puglia. What are you waiting, buy oil family, for your family!

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Coordinate geografiche GPS della sede: 40.33481,18.04125 / Via Copertino 153 – 73041 Carmiano (Lecce)

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